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#264.1 [onsite talks] From Zero to Scrum Master


Dawid Chudek

These days, more and more people desire to be Scrum Masters. Many of them come from various industries and have no previous experience in that role or in the IT field. The majority of them have an issue with getting their first job as a Scrum Master. I had also this problem. In my talk, I’d like to present the process that I’ve used during my “from Zero to Scrum Master” journey. I learned a lot at that time and I will share key takeaways (aka lessons learned) which might be helpful for people who are in the situation that I was in some time ago.

For whom is this lecture?

This presentation is mainly targeted towards individuals who are looking to switch careers. There will likely also be people in the room who have already switched careers in the past, so there will also be an opportunity for them to share their experience.

Dawid Chudek:

I’m the Scrum Master, podcaster, and author of the blog about personal development. My mission is to redefine personal development, support people in their growth, and convince as many people as possible that change is possible, no matter what is your current situation. I also popularize the usage of Scrum in everyday life situations and also I help people to become Scrum Masters from scratch.

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