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#119 Technical Debt - the Business Perspective


Michael Vax

You have probably heard the phrase “Technical Debt” - a term that describes software debt ranging from poor code (which is easily detected and fixed), to structural and architectural problems, to lack of documentation and test coverage, as well as duplicated code and functionality.

The term was introduced by Ward Cunningham (inventor of Wiki) in 1992 and is used quite broadly. It is not always clear what it means and, even more importantly, what we can do about it.

In this talk Michael will share ideas of best Agile thinkers on the topic of Technical Debt: * Types of technical debt * Why debt occurs * How does it affects our ability to response to customer requests * How to translate Technical Debt discussion into language that Business people can understand and approve development time required to reduce it * How to delight your customers by addressing technical debt and even add new features in the process.

Hi, My name is Michael Vax and I have just moved to Warsaw to work as CTO at WebInterpret. I have a lot of experience in Agile and participating in agile community. Back in Vancouver I was one of organizers of Agile Vancouver user group and organized and presented on conference and different Agile events. Here are links to some of my presentations some of my presentations.

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