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#299 Pioneering Agile Evolution with SM at the Helm


Youla Sønderkær Jung, Olga Sikorska, Kuba Karolak

“Empowerment Unleashed: Pioneering Agile Evolution with Scrum Masters at the Helm”

Scaling Agile without losing flexibility – an ART to Solution Train case study.

This is a story of empowerment. In this meetup, we present the story of a learning organization and how it adapted from a prescriptive framework (SAFe) to a fit-for-purpose one. To create that, we used the muscle that we had – a group of 10 SMs, one Agile Coach and one Release Train Engineer. We developed our own framework with our own rules and methods and we are still learning from it. We feel the need to share our story that SMs can create and support change in a huge corporate machine. If you work in a complex corporation this meetup is for you. Come and listen to our story, get inspired, exercise that big brain of yours together with us.

PS. of course we’ll use Liberating Structures, it’s our tradition.


Youla Sønderkær Jung: Her greatest passion lies in servant leadership and enhancing efficiency through systems thinking. During her tenure at Ørsted, she has been devoted to closing the gap between the theoretical frameworks of Agile methodologies and their practical application, by understanding the business and how Ørsted delivers value as a whole. She truly believes in fostering a culture of self-leadership, transparency, and empowerment, ensuring that Scrum Masters evolve into pivotal change leaders.

Olga Sikorska: In the past an urban planner with a knack for IT, is now a Scrum Master for the Engineering ART at Ørsted. Her passion for creative problem-solving stems from years spent working on urban plans, where she implemented agile techniques and User Experience principles. She loves workshops and unconventional methods. In her private time, she is a home chef and a fan of all kinds of games.

Kuba Karolak: “I’m working agile my whole career. I can’t and I don’t want to work differently. I’m specialized in workshops, public speaking and everything that is connected to knowledge transfer. During the meetup, you can chat me up about Liberating Structures, cooking and your gym progress.”

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