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#295 Fostering togetherness and retaining talents


Marcin Świerkocki

Fostering togetherness and retaining talents

Current challenges in our flexible workplace; The future of our work - human oriented or process-oriented?; More connectedness through flexibility - is it possible?


Marcin Świerkocki: More than 25+ years of experience as a consultant in organizational development in working for 500 Fortune Global companies & with people from various cultures. Expert in implementing HR dept. strategies and executing them in companies, creating strategies to attract and keep talents in companies, assessing individuals- and teams performance.

Works with teams and individuals beyond their immediate self-interests to identify needed change, creates a vision to guide the change through influence, inspiration, and executes the change in tandem with committed members of a group.

Understands business strategies and demonstrates commitment to results, quality, and professionalism. Has a sound understanding of needed traits for workplace success and a strong ability to train employees in improving those characteristics. Has extensive experience with making presentations, giving assessments, and identifying soft skills training needs.

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