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#288 Designing Agile Ecosystems with Org Topologies™


Alexey Krivitsky, Roland Flemm

The way Agile methods (like XP and Scrum) are understood creates artificial limitations when applied beyond single teams. This led to the rise of heavy-weight methods like SAFe, but there are questions about their true agility and long-term effectiveness here. Recently, framework-agnostic DIY (Do It Yourself) approaches like Team Topologies and unFix have emerged, providing flexibility in designing organizational structures. However, these approaches require a deep understanding of organizational design and systems thinking, which most of us need to get better at. ​

Org Topologies™ is a framework-agnostic approach to design and sustain large-scale agile ecosystems that move beyond the choice between frameworks and DIY methods. In this session, the creators of Org Topologies™ will explain how to design, assess, and improve your organizational ecosystem, using organizational archetypes as a guide. The goal is to provide clarity on the ecosystem you want and the behaviors you expect, enabling ongoing transformation toward agility.

Who should attend the meeting

All people who work in product development and are affected by or involved in transformations.


Alex & Roland

Video recording