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#238 Future-focused agility: diversity & inclusion based culture


Magdalena Cichoń

Many organizations seem to be consumers of agile, using it as a method to achieve better business outcomes. However, implementing it just as an immediate response to problems without a defined internal culture might cause exclusion and inequity. There is a need for coaches with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion experience who can be placed throughout teams to act as constant mentors, helping teams work in inclusive and equitable ways while also optimizing team and business outcomes.

The speakers

Magdalena Cichoń

I am a social innovator, enthusiastic about diversity and inclusion. Currently, I am part of a team at AgilePMO, developing workshops and consulting services for organizations going through agile transitions. I focus on the aspect of creating an inclusive culture that gives everyone their voice. At Akademia Zwinnej Liderki I support the creation of a networking group bringing together agile leaders and project managers. My observations inspired me to start a social media campaign #włączamagile (#includeagile) which promotes agility focused on D&I.

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