Nieformalna grupa entuzjastów spotykająca się z grubsza co dwa tygodnie.

#236 Scrum and robotics — what can we learn from Nomagic?


Joanna Płaskonka, Justyna Gajewska

Many people practice the Agile approach in software development. Some others use it in HR, marketing or even teaching. During our presentation we would like to explain how Scrum can be applied in the environment where you have a tangible, physical product like a robot. We will talk about our culture, experimental and data-driven approach. There is a lot of Evidence Based Management in our daily work. If you have never thought about your job as a scientific research, full of unexplored hypotheses, come and listen to our talk! Maybe changing your perspective will help you? Hope to see you there!

Who is this event for?

Anyone interested in Agile and Scrum, especially those who’d like to hear about challenges in hardware design and creation.

The speakers

Joanna Płaskonka is a Scrum Master, coach, and a trainer. She started her Scrum and Agile journey in 2010. She holds a PhD degree in Robotics. Despite the technical background, she is very interested in all aspects of work, especially those related to people, products, and processes. She loves to look for better, more effective ways of working which help organizations deliver business value quicker. In her work, she appreciates the most aha moments experienced by her and the people around her. Supporting people on their road to excellence and professionalism is very rewarding for her.

Justyna Gajewska Justyna is a Recruitment Specialist focused on hiring engineers since 2015. She was gaining her experience in recruitment agencies, software houses and product companies. In her work, she focuses on finding the best solutions to find and attract top engineering experts, looking at the data and market trends to make better hiring decisions, but also taking care of the company’s outside presence. She was studying E-business at Warsaw School of Economics.

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