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#226 Good, Bad and Actionable - metrics for improvement and customer satisfaction!


Radek Orszewski

Why do we use metrics? To make us feel better? To optimize the delivery process? To improve quality, and the ultimate goal - customer satisfaction? Unfortunately, many metrics we track and chase are not helpful in achieving such goals. How to change it? Let’s talk about good, bad, and the most useful - truly actionable metrics. Let’s discover their categories and avoid many common metrics traps.In the interactive presentation, we will study metrics currently tracked by the participants and present some examples of balancing, or interconnecting metrics to drive improvements.

Radek Orszewski

Radek Orszewski is Lean Agile coach, consultant, and a trainer. He has been practicing many methods and tools for over 15 years working in international organization across the Europe. He’s Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and he holds a prestigious title of Accredited Kanban Consultant. He’s also experienced Scrum practitioner (CSP-SM & PO). In his independent work he focuses on optimizing business value flow by including all technical and non-technical stakeholders and working with C-level management. He founded Berlin and Wroclaw Lean Coffee meetups, he teaches at Berlin CODE University and since 2019 he hosts a podcast “Kanban przy kawie”.

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