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#204 [workshop] Bring Your Own Problem — Solution Room


Mateusz Srebrny, Piotr Radaj

This workshop is about self-help and self-support. If you have a problem and want to talk about it with someone who is willing to help, do not hesitate and join us!

We will do the “Solution Room”. A format that guarantees that every problem (one per person) will be discussed.

For whom?

The workshop will bring value for everybody having a problem to discuss, regardless of their role or experience.


The workshop will be run by AgileWarsaw community organizers.


The workshop is remote

Once we chose you as a participant, you will receive a message on with the link to the Zoom meeting and Miro board.

The number of participants: 12

You join the waitlist. Three days before the event (usually on Friday), the participants will be chosen. In case you are not able to join, please let us know.


We are ready to deliver the workshop in . In case all participants speak , we will proceed in .

The workshop will be recorded (but not published)

The goal of that is to improve the workshop itself. We will not publish audio nor video of participants. If any we will use audio/video of facilitators to prepare a video instruction that shows how to run that workshop.

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