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#203 Making sticky change by finding the right moment


Ania Szypszak

We often hear that the only reasonable way to implement a framework is to take it as a whole and setup all its elements in one go. I’d risk a statement that this often leads to situations in which the change is actually not reaching any deeper and the environment will revert to its previous state as soon as we stop applying extenal force, control or guidance. What about change that really “sticks”? I am sure that there is a number of ways in which you can successfully implement techniques, tools, processes that will stay in place even after people who brought them in have left. But the way I find most successful is simply “finding the right moment”. I will tell you a story about cases from two different companies who had two contrasting approaches to adapting agile. One went top-down taking a framework as a package which will start working when you unpack all the elements and put them in the selected places in the company. In the other one we took elements from this package piece by piece when the need called and finally managed to get all puzzles in place.

Ania Szypszak

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Design Thinking process moderator. For a few years I’ve been working with agile teams and with organisations that are undergoing agile development or agile change. Apart from that I conduct trainings and workshops on agile, visual facilitation, creative techniques and communication. For me, Agile is a path to enable skilled individuals to make the most of teamwork, smooth process flow, value delivery and individual growth. I have worked with Teams whose model of work ranged from almost pure Scrum to very customised Agile processes and I tried to learn as much as I could from each Team :)

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