Nieformalna grupa entuzjastów spotykająca się z grubsza co dwa tygodnie.

#198 ABE Light 2020



Gojko Adžic

Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort

A big government IT project delivered two years ahead of schedule. A fraud detection initiative saving tens of millions more than predicted. An app that helped a city rebuild faster after a major disaster and save ten times more money than expected. Learn how early adopters use impact mapping to create big impacts and minimise effort, from large government departments to innovative consultancies and small startups.

This talk is based on an extensive research with commercial organisations, government departments and non-profit agencies from all over the world. Gojko will present real-world case studies and distill their experience into useful tips that will enable you to speed up adoption, avoid common pitfalls and reach your goals faster.

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Zbigniew Sobiecki

Building New Products and Businesses vs. Cranking out Code

Is it possible to successfully design and build new digital products and services from scratch with an external partner? If so, how does the process, the team, and the business arrangement differs from classic time & materials software house setup? Let’s have a frank discussion about the common issues organizations face when trying to outsource product design and how to deal with them. Let’s also get specific about focusing on outcomes instead of shipping new features. We will also touch on human and cultural aspects of the two approaches.

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Gosia Fiedorow

Finding Your Purpose in Chaos — a Designer’s Point of View

In her talk, Gosia will share her story of how she has managed to fit the design mindset into software development; where work is never really done… and never ends up exactly how it was envisioned in the beginning.

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Aga Szóstek

It’s All About the Experience

We talk about how to design the right products in the right way, right? But is it truly the thing we should focus on? In my presentation, I will do my best to convince you that, in fact, we should focus on defining what sort of experience we aim at before we focus on designing products and services.

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Gojko Adzic

Given-when-then With Style

Hands-on workshop where you will learn about the key techniques to make the most out of the Given-When-Then format for specifications and tests, and how to avoid the most common problems.

Mariusz Petlic

Output vs. Outcome

Do we generate value or costs? What’s the benefit and what’s not? We will check if we can distinguish it both at work and in private life.

Tomasz Wykowski

Product Discovery

What you don’t know about your product?
Join this session to learn why discovering the product is critical for its success and experience tools for defining Product Vision and Success Criteria.

Justyna Wykowska

Backlog Prioritization Techniques

When everything is important, nothing is important. During this workshop you’ll try different techniques for prioritizing your Product Backlog to find the ones that work for your company.

Ewa Koprowska, Dominik Jabłoński

Scrum Tale

ScrumTale is designed to teach the Scrum framework. It improves learning experience by simulating Agile product delivery while experiencing all Agile principles. This game is a perfect aid to practice all the elements of the Scrum framework: roles, events and artifacts.

The players simulate Scrum teams writing a crime story simultaneously using Google Docs. Collaborative story writing is very similar to software production: you need to be creative and act as a team to deliver a product. You will also experience challenges with integration, quality and tools that are present during software development without the need of having a technical background. You can observe the mechanics of the Scrum during the stormy process of story writing.

Klaudia Komacka

FAIL — First Attempt in Learning

How to fail and learn during product development?
There is a practice that focuses on developing problem solving, scientific thinking and continuous improvement abilities. During this workshop, you will be encouraged to puzzle out the optimal solution through continuous experiments. We will discuss how to create a hypothesis, measure and validate it. In the end, we will celebrate the learning!

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