Nieformalna grupa entuzjastów spotykająca się z grubsza co dwa tygodnie.

#180 Let me give you some feedback... criticism and appreciation at work


Zuzanna Mrożewska & Michał Parkoła

Agile methods are wonderfully effective, but they rely on some underlying communication skills that are not distributed widely enough yet. One such cluster of skills is centered around feedback. In this talk we’ll share a deeper view of what feedback means, how to receive it well, how to help others learn and how to confidently ask for what you want.


Zuzanna Mrożewska

Zuzanna Mrożewska is a compassionate psychologist focused on sharing knowledge, so everyday life can become happier and easier. She is also a UX researcher and designer and holds a Masters degree in Japanese Studies.

Michał Parkoła

Michał Parkoła is an experienced entrepreneur and product strategist. He has worked with a wide ranges organisations: from startups to huge multi-national corporations. Michał loves it when powerful solutions can be expressed in a very succinct form.