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#133 #NoEstimates


Vasco Duarte

The provocative hashtag #noestimates is the reason for many misunderstandings and at the same time prompts you to think about the abuse of estimation. Vasco Duarte claims that estimation is not worth it in itself. We naturally strive to eliminate the worthless elements of the manufacturing process. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with the #noestimates proposal, about which Vasco will talk.

Most of you have probably already met with the classic triangle: time, cost and scope. The agile approach implies range variability while stiffening time and cost. Iterative implementation of this scope is based on providing a working, valuable growth for the client in short intervals and obtaining feedback. Thanks to this loop, we can control the range to maximize the value of the product. With a cascade approach, agile scope management and, consequently, limiting estimates is simply impossible. Vasco has conducted a number of studies on estimation in projects that he supports his theory. In addition to research results, you will get ready-made solutions that you can try in your activities and organizations.

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