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#123 Essential SAFe: A Simpler Way To Scale?


Ian Spence


SAFe is the clear market leading framework for helping companies to scale Agile. As market leader it has attracted many criticisms including that of being overly complex and hierarchical. Earlier this year, a simpler view of SAFe—Essential SAFe—was created to help even more teams to scale effectively. In this presentation we will look at: 1. he basics of scaling - what do we mean by scaling and when is SAFe applicable 2. Essential SAFe - what is it and how can it help 3. How to be safe with SAFe - how and when to go beyond the essentials

Ian’s bio:

Ian specializes in large-scale agile adoptions and practice-based organizational change. An experienced agile coach he has worked with hundreds of projects to introduce iterative and agile practices, working with development teams ranging from 5 – 150 people. He has also led numerous successful, large-scale transformation projects in fields as diverse as government, telecommunications, finance, and internet start-ups, working with development organization of 5 – 5,000 people. Ian is a certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) and his vast experience leading large-scale agile transformations provides him with vast experience coaching, training and consulting on the Scaled Agile Framework. His current interests are agile for large projects, agile out-sourcing, and driving sustainable change with agile measurements. He is also the co-author of two influential software development books, “Use Case Modeling” and “Managing Iterative Software Development Projects”, and the team lead for the development of the SEMAT kernel.

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