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#137.2 Scrum Master Manager – how to avoid common SM misconceptions and create self-organizing teams?


Angel Medinilla

We human beings are very bad at projecting to the future and being sensible to long-term decisions so in companies we tend to favor very short-term decisions. That’s why you need a scrum master manager. Scrum master is responsible for creating high-performing teams and continuous improvement. Product owner is responsible for continuous delivery of value and adapting to feedback constantly. Product owner will try to figure out what’s the most important valuable thing that we can do in the next iteration. This is the core of agility, Angel’s simple but powerful model describing yin and yang in agile development. In his talk Angel describes changes in the corporate agile world with an emphasis on agile teams. Teams are great when they have good communication, care about each other, help themselves, learn from each other and when they are good at solving conflicts. Listen to the presentation and find out how to achieve that.

Angel Medinilla - Q&A session.

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